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Misdemeanor Dream is a multigenerational theatre project which brings together performers, designers and cultural practitioners from Native and First Nations communities across Turtle Island. Weaving uncomfortable conversations with irreverent humor, we shed a light on personal and community stories of chaos and reclamation, of tricksters and spirits, of journeys through the star worlds and the between worlds. Misdemeanor Dream explores our cultural sources using the rhythms and songs of our original languages and  traditionally - inspired installation art spaces and environments, daring to dream, to act and to ensure our collective futures.

Misdemeanor Dream is coming Spring 2022.


Front Row Center

New York Theatre Wire

Photos by Donna Svennevick

Misdemeanor Dream

One day I was thinking about the unemployment lines, food lines, people dying. Then I was thinking, where do we go from here? Then I was thinking,
would it not be fantastic to have a town to go to? A pretty Native town. Owned by Natives, run by Natives, with a café, a Community Hall and a place to have a Pow wow. Where people listen to each other, work out problems and like each other, or maybe not, it’s up to them. That is Town of
Little Sagas. Enjoy!

– Playwright & Director Muriel Miguel

Town of Little Sagas

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