One day I was thinking about the unemployment lines, food lines, people dying. Then I was thinking, where do we go from here? Then I was thinking,
would it not be fantastic to have a town to go to? A pretty Native town. Owned by Natives, run by Natives, with a café, a Community Hall and a place to have a Pow wow. Where people listen to each other, work out problems and like each other, or maybe not, it’s up to them. That is Town of
Little Sagas. Enjoy!

– Playwright & Director Muriel Miguel

Town of Little Sagas

Developed at the Stratford Festival and American Indian Artists,  inspired by A Midsummer Night's Dream, will feature a cast of 20 Indigenous performers from the US and Canada and will explore Native tricksters and spirits that exist in the stories and daily lives of Indigenous nations. 


Front Row Center

New York Theatre Wire

Misdemeanor Dream

Peterborough 04/24 - Click HERE for Tickets 


Sudbury 04/27 - Click HERE for Tickets 


Debajehmujig Theatre 05/01 


Sault Ste Marie 05/04 - Click HERE for Tickets 


Pic River First Nation 05/07


Thunder Bay 05/10 - Click HERE for Tickets 

Material Witness Tour

Fear of Oatmeal

Recently presented at The Studio at St. Anne's Warehouse, a new play written and directed by Spiderwoman Theater Artistic Director, Muriel Miguel. Set in the Native American community that lived in Brooklyn's Boerum Hill area from the 30's through the 60's, the play explores the nature of vision and prophecy. Miguel is joined by an all-Indigenous cast: Spiderwoman founding member, Gloria Miguel; Donna Couteau; Joe Cross; Soni Moreno and Sheldon Raymore.

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